Michael Christensen


Michael rides a bunch. When he's not riding he's working on efforts to build and maintain the bicycle community. In his spare hours he tries to earn a paycheck.

He's grateful FAB is willing to entrust the next couple years to his leadership. He tweets often about Sioux Falls bicycling. Follow him on Twitter.

Jodi Erickson

Vice President

See Jodi bike. Jodi works downtown and rather than paying for parking, she rides her Ebike (electric bike). She advocates for Ebikes as a great way to do errands or enjoy a ride through the neighborhood.

See Jodi volunteer. Jodi is on our board to promote cycling from kids to adults. All of us have a different picture of what it means to ride a bike. For some it may be the only way of transportation and for others it may be a ride with friends. Jodi is excited to promote all those areas and get more people on bikes!

Kerrie Vilhauer


Michael Bauers


Art Holden

Communications Director

Art has rekindled his love of bicycling over the past few years when he made the decision to adopt a car-light lifestyle. He enjoys using his bicycle as his main transportation and logs several thousand miles a year commuting to work and running errands in Sioux Falls. He hopes his role as Communication Director will allow for continued advocacy of safer streets in Sioux Falls and will help grow our wonderful bicycle community. For fun he loves adventures like gravel riding, winter fatbiking, and bikepacking.

Carey Haugen

Development Director

David Heinold

Ride Director

David is passionate about advocating for the rights of individuals to have access to a transportation system that meets their personal needs while ensuring that the experience in the community is the most enjoyable and fun as possible. He strives to create opportunities for individuals to experience the same happiness and joy he's discovered when he is riding his bicycle. David seeks to inspire the next generation of leaders that will continue to shape the transportation system into a multimodal, safe, and pleasurable public space within the urban realm. He chose to serve on the FAB board because he saw a need to get heavily involved in leveling the playing field for all transportation mode users.

Christie Kennelly

Member At Large

Patrick Lalley

Member At Large

Patrick is a bicycle commuter, triathlete and cyclocross racer. He started riding a bike to work to get in shape and save the world somewhere around the turn of the century and it's been a steady progression of madness since. Commuting led to bike touring and six Tour de Kotas, criterium racing and triathlons. He is currently writer and host of an afternoon talk show on KSOO-AM